The TRUTH about Jesus Christ from JOHN 17 [audio flashback]

A great in-depth discussion we had on the radio about #John 17. It is filled with insightful apologetic points: Inerrancy. Pre-Incarnation #Christology. Trinitarianism. Preservation of the Saints. Did you know all these topics can be found in #John17? You’ll need your Bible for this one. Learn and grow! I hope it blesses you (feel free […]

The Most Victorious Story Ever Told

For the last few years for Resurrection Sunday (Easter), I’ve done a painting. I only started really incorporating these pieces on my channel in some way. I have had this idea and concept for a painting for a *long* time. I finally was able to make it all come together this year. No other time […]

Must Christians be Pacifists?

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Who Wrote the Bible?

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If That Isn't Love –The Issacs

Watchman’s Signal YouTube Please 👍, hit that 🔔 button, and [SUBSCRIBE!] I do not own this music. For Those Tears I Died · The Isaacs Provided to YouTube by Universal Music Group If That Isn’t Love · The Isaacs The Living Years ℗ 2013 Gaither Music Group Released on: 2013-01-01 Producer: Ben Isaacs Producer: Bill […]

For Those Tears I died — The Issacs [HQ Audio]

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Watchman's Signal Broadcast: Real Talk [Twitch Live Stream]

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Richard Dawkins Super Stumped by Creationist!

The argument “common design means common ancestry” falsely claims to prove an untenable assumption about the past (i.e., all life forms from a common … source

Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ— Dr Thomas Kindell (audio fixed)

Dr Thomas Kindell presents compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ leaving no room for doubt and no logical excuse for those who deny the Son of God. You can support my work at PATREON: I could sure use your help! Demonstrated is the extraordinary amount of historicity and the logical conclusion that […]


Eric J. Lerner (born May 31, 1947) is an American popular science writer, and independent plasma researcher. You can support my efforts at PATREON: I could sure use your help friends, because times are hard He wrote the 1991 book The Big Bang Never Happened. He is founder, president, and chief scientist of Lawrenceville […]

Dragon Legends

Dragons were considered real creatures until relatively recently. They appear in oral stories, art, and literature from cultures around the world and some historians even describe them. Dragons represent the collective, though exaggerated, memory of dinosaurs before that word was invented in 1841 to describe their remains. Dragons and Man Many dragon legends such as […]