DEBATE: Gun Control, Cancel Culture +MORE | Shoe0nHead Vs Demon Mama Vs AJW Vs Hunter Avallone +MORE

*Different guests enter throughout the night. LINKS: Links to Dylan, who did the lion’s share for this event and who hosts tons of debates: *And here: LINKS TO SPEAKERS: Actual Jake: Actual Justice Warrior (Sean): Bastiat: Critical Thinking Veteran: Denims: Demon Mama: Hunter Avallone: Kristi Winters: […]

Greater Threat: White Nationalism or Radical Islam?

Links for speakers: Jangles Science Lad: I, Hypocrite: *Want to make your own case for something you’re passionate about? The fastest way we can get you on the show is if you email me ( the following: 1. Preferred topic and your stance 2. Whether you have a usable camera and/or previous online […]