Islamic Mission for America & Middle East | Back Drop to Bible Prophecy

The Muslim Brotherhood in America, (CAIR) and the power struggles among Islamic nations in the Middle East, show us that Islam still plays a prominent role in geo politics and is a major focus of end times bible prophecy. Links – Phases of World Underground Movement – Researchers Confirm Turkey’s Link to ISIS […]

Shia & Sunni (The Difference) Sam Shamoun

Explaining The Difference between #Shia Islam & #Sunni Islam with #SamShamoun. NOTE: THIS ISSUE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT the upcoming Doctrine for the Block Urban Apologetics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. 7-9, 2020* – register here:… and please mark you are attending at the event’s Facebook page. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications […]

Iran Admits It Shot Down Ukrainian Passenger Plane

I’m at Vocab’s recording new episodes of Muhammad’s Boom-Boom Room, but I wanted to post this quick update on the Iran saga. After denying any involvement in the Ukrainian passenger plane crash near Tehran, Iran has finally admitted that it accidentally shot down the plane. PATREON: SUBSCRIBESTAR: STORE: PAYPAL: BITCHUTE: […]

Trump Takes Out a Terrorist and the Left Brands Him a Terrorist

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Iran Will Never Have a Nuclear Weapon

Following the recent killing of Iranian Major General Qasem Soleimani, many are speculating that Iran will renew its quest to construct a nuclear bomb. While President Donald Trump recently tweeted that “Iran Will Never Have a Nuclear Weapon,” Iranian leaders know that there is an even greater threat to their nuclear ambitions: Israel. Will the […]