Ramadan is a month-long feast that, for some strange reason, is called a “fast.” Since Jesus condemned hypocritical fasting, what would he say about Ramadan “fasting”? David Wood discusses the issue. #Jesus #Ramadan #DavidWood source

Why Jesus' Resurrection Matters

Jesus of Nazareth died on the cross, was buried in a tomb, rose from the dead, and appeared to more than 500 people. Here’s what Jesus’ resurrection means … source

Old Testament Prophecies about the Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus claimed that the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms predicted his death and resurrection. Was he right? Are there Old Testament prophecies about Jesus of Nazareth rising from the dead? Dr. Michael Brown discusses the issue. Subscribe to AskDrBrown: #Resurrection #Prophecy #AskDrBrown source

Did Jesus Predict His Own Death? A Historical Problem for Islam

History shows that Jesus predicted his own violent death. Islam, however, teachings that Jesus never died, and that Jesus was a mighty prophet who always spoke the truth. Is there a problem here? Find out in “Did Jesus Predict His Own Death? A Historical Problem for Islam.” Be sure to watch “The Quran, the Bible, […]

Are There Old Testament Prophecies about the Death of Jesus?

Jesus claimed that the Old Testament contains prophecies about him (Luke 18:31; 24:44). Jesus’ disciples later proclaimed that his life, death, and resurrection … source

Did Jesus Exist?

Did Jesus Exist? Was there a historical Jesus, or was Jesus a mythical figure? A new breed of conspiracy theorists called “Jesus Mythers” insist that Jesus of Nazareth was a fictional character, and that references to Jesus in the Gospel of Matthew, the Gospel of Mark, the Gospel of Luke, the Gospel of John, the […]

Did Jesus Die for Our Sins? (LIVE with Mike Winger, 8:30pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Mike Winger at 8:30pm, discussing the death of Jesus (and penal substitutionary atonement!). Did Jesus die for our sins? Was this prophesied in the Old Testament? Join the discussion. Mike Winger’s YouTube channel: #Jesus #MikeWinger #DavidWood source