How we can let God take away spiritual blindness

Hi Everyone welcome back Hi and I hope you are all well, I would like to talk about spiritual blindness and how God is trying to reach people that can not hear … source

Friday Night live with Manny Sinder and Taqiyya watch Tv

Hi Everyone welcome back I will be going live with Mandy Sinder and Taqiyya watch tv on Friday. Also, I wanted to answer some comments about my live stream with Abdullah Sammer. I read that I agreed that the bible has contradictions. In this video, I answer that. 3pm Friday 27 March Paypal donations […]


Hey everyone WOW ohh WoW, So this now put a face all over the internet of the people who attacked me and left me for dead. Legaliseapostasy Any Spare change Support the work on Bitcoin donations 1AqtRMZqgu69FP2A2ajaMhmQhajLjAMhVA Join the Discord server Telegram Joseph Colden Telegram Godbless source

#Davidwood #Acts17 What's Coming up on the channel @your request

Hey everyone I have been back in the books, writing and reading for a new lot of videos. Although some of us all know the arguments I feel they need going over. So I will be setting them out bit by bit. a few people have asked and also for a Muslim, Ryan Ibn Abu […]