Cosmic Skeptic vs Max Baker-Hytch: A Debate Review

Justin Brierley of Unbelievable Christian Radio recently hosted a debate between Alex O’Connor (Cosmic Skeptic) and Max Baker-Hytch on the question, “Can we make sense of our rational capabilities on an atheist naturalist worldview?” Original Video: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: Patreon: Intro Music by Sokolovsky Music Outro Music by: Amoeba Crew […]

Justin Brierley vs Stephen Woodford (Rationality Rules) Debate Review

Justin Brierley is the long-time host of the well known “Unbelievable” worldview radio show and podcast. Stephen Woodford is a successful atheist YouTuber. In this debate, they dicuss free will, morality, culpability, and other issues. Original video: Alex O’Connor and Stephen Woodford: SHORT Free will Argument Vid: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: […]