Anti-Semitism in Hip Hop? Bible Answer Man Host REACTS!

Hank: “READ KENDRICK LAMAR is a ‘HEBREW ISRAELITE’ Article by VOCAB MALONE” Yo! The Bible Answer Man tells you to read Vocab Malone’s article on Spirituality and Modern Hip Hop! Hear the host of the BIBLE ANSWER MAN Radio show hype up my article on #Chance and #Kendrick in this video. In light of albums […]

Evaluating KANYE's Christian Influence: The GOOD & the BAD!! (Christian Review)

It’s been a few weeks since Kanye West has released his Christian themed album “Jesus is King”. Since it’s release and Kanye being vocal about Christianity, has Kanye had a good or bad effect on the Christian message? In this video we talk about it. Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos on […]

Kanye West TESTIMONY at Sunday Church Service (REACTION)

Kanye West has been said to recently convert to Christianity by giving his born again testimony at his Sunday Church service. Kanye has always identified to some degree with Christianity, but his views have left many confused. Many now are asking, is this conversion for real? Whether or not it is, I think there are […]