Faith, Doubt, & Trust: A Biblical View (3:21)

What is Faith? Does faith mean NEVER having ANY doubts, or can #faith and #doubts live at peace? What does the #Bible say about faith? Faith, Doubt, & Trust: A Biblical View (3:21) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: ~ Support livestreams w StreamLabs Tip […]

Shattering the Myth of Perfect Quran Preservation (Islam Critiqued)

Muslim apologists insist that the Quran has been perfectly preserved, right down to the letter, from the time it was revealed to Muhammad. The history of the Quran tells a different story. The first Caliph, Abu Bakr, ordered Zayd ibn Thabit to collect the Quran into a manuscript, which turned out to be an extraordinarily […]