Pried and Prejudiced

Today I want to share with you a talk I did about a year ago at a local women’s retreat. It covers portions of my story as well as some spiritual growth lessons that … source

Learning to Trust and Obey

“But what are YOU doing??” Ayah often peppers me with this question as she completely forgets the task at hand. But even as I become frustrated with her, I begin to see myself in her actions. Isn’t that the same way I sometimes behave toward God, neglecting His instructions while insisting on knowing the bigger […]

Wrestling with Work-Life Balance

It’s exciting to watch this ministry expand, especially since joining Instagram. As I wrestle with both the desire to provide content and the desire to balance personal life, I realize that it comes down to this: when I focus on loving God and seeking Him first, I can trust that He will provide exactly what […]

Why Isn't This Working??

A period of frustration had me steeped in stress and projecting pain. A subsequent period with God brought back clarity and calm. Come see how a restoration of trust can help us handle unmet expectations. Support and Connect! My new standing workstation (I finished the assembly and I LOVE it!) My ESV […]

How Inspiration Can Drive Us

We love to be inspired. That welling in our hearts reminds us of something greater than ourselves. Theoretically, we could snuggle into that warm fuzziness and remain unchanged. But what if we allowed it to drive us toward the words of Jesus: “As I have loved you, you also are to love one another”? Support […]

Icons or Immanuel?

The flurry of activity during the Christmas season often leaves little time for self-reflection. But perhaps taking a moment to examine our actions is more crucial than we thought: what we are ACTUALLY celebrating, and who does that imply that we are ACTUALLY serving? Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus […]

God's Innumerable Thoughts Toward Us

Last week was rough, battling both a stomach virus and feelings of inadequacy. Then I came across what I consider to be a little love letter from the One I admire most… Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – No God But One – Answering Jihad – […]

God Can Use Every Story

Growing up in a conservative Christian, homeschooled, and relatively sheltered household, I sometimes questioned the worth of my salvation testimony. My conversion didn’t seem radical enough! I’ve since realized that every story is invaluable — not because of who we were, but because of who God is. Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking […]

Where Material Possessions Fall Short

Many of us in the U.S. have so much that we become trapped by a false sense of self-sufficiency. In this video, I share about some of my heroes in the faith: people who turned to Jesus in situations of desperate need and found in Him more strength and satisfaction than they ever had with […]

There Is Rest and Strength for the Weary

What do we do when life doesn’t give us a break? How do we continue to function when we feel completely spent? Even in midst of our greatest fatigue, we can find rest and strength in the promises of Scripture. Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – No God […]

Casting Vision for This Channel

With the recent expansion of this channel, it’s key for me to determine purpose and direction. It’s a work in progress! Come join me as I share reports of the positive impact this channel is already having, ideas for branching out to new media, and plans for future audience engagement. Support and Connect! […]

Resisting the Devil with Praise

Whenever we speak the truth about the character of God, we come against Satan, the “father of lies”. Praise is powerful — resist the devil and he will flee! (James 4:7) Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – No God But One – Answering Jihad – Recording […]