DEBATE: Is There Good Evidence for God? | Dillahunty Vs Vela

Links to speakers: Tyler Vela: Matt Dillahunty: *Want to make your own case for something you’re passionate about? The fastest way we can get you on the show is if you email me ( the following: 1. Preferred topic and your stance 2. Whether you have a usable camera and/or previous online debate/discussion […]

DEBATE: Dillahunty Vs InspiringPhilosophy | Are There Good Reasons to Believe in God?

Links to today’s speakers: Matt Dillahunty: Michael Jones: _______________________________________________________________________________________ My name is James Kunz and I’m currently a doctoral student in psychology in Colorado, USA. The purpose of Modern-Day Debate: To provide a fair, non-partisan platform for discussing the meaningful questions of life regarding science, politics and religion, while taking action to make […]