The Pendulum Problem: The Issue with Fanaticism

I define the Pendulum Problem as follows: when someone takes an unhealthy extreme stance in their beliefs for the purpose of distancing themselves as much as possible from their previous beliefs that were steeped in trauma or deception. This is something I’m sure we’ve all experienced and witnessed. It can be difficult for someone to […]

A Game Plan to Wisely, Kindly and Tactfully Share Your Faith: Talking with Greg Koukl

Greg Koukl sits down with me to talk about his 10th anniversary edition release of his updated and expanded book, Tactics. This is one of my favorite books to recommend! Greg is no stranger to apologetics or the Bible. in his book, Greg shows how to “artfully regain control of conversations, keeping them moving forward […]

From Angry Atheist to a Devout Jesus Follower And How It All Happened: Talking With Nick Campbell

Nick Campbell was an angry anti-theist who argued with Christians, until God worked on his heart and he became a believer. Now, Nick helps others through his website: and podcasts. Follow and message on Instagram: Nick: Doreen: @doreenvirtue Melissa: @melissadougherty77 source

Talking About the Enneagram: Is it Dangerous? Things Christians Should Know

We finally did an Enneagram video! So many people have asked for this video. Marcia Montenegro has spent years researching the truth about the Enneagram. She exposes the hidden dangers and occult origin of the Enneagram, and how the enemy is using it to infiltrate the Church with universalism and heretical teachings. Learn the truth […]