Did Jesus Die for Our Sins? (LIVE with Mike Winger, 8:30pm ET)

David Wood will be LIVE with Mike Winger at 8:30pm, discussing the death of Jesus (and penal substitutionary atonement!). Did Jesus die for our sins? Was this prophesied in the Old Testament? Join the discussion. Mike Winger’s YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/EkimRegniw #Jesus #MikeWinger #DavidWood source

How You Can Know and Show Christianity Is True (Understanding Apologetic Methodology)

Having recently done a debate against a Presuppositionalist, on the topic of “What Apologetic Methodology is Biblical?”, I think it would be good to have a video online simply and thoughtfully explaining what I take to be the biblical view on this topic. This is going to be my understanding of a biblical approach to […]