God, Atheism, and Morality: Opening Statement (David Wood vs. Apostate Prophet)

This is David Wood’s opening statement for his debate with the Apostate Prophet on God, Atheism, and Morality. David discusses various features of moral obligations and shows why Divine Command Theory explains these features, while atheist moral theories don’t. AP will post his opening statement on his channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzREuchzOqiawpEpvEM0Tyg #DavidWood #ApostateProphet #MoralityDebate source

The Intolerance of "Tolerance" | D.A. Carson Book Discussion [audio]

Christian apologist VOCAB MALONE and a few brothers discuss D.A. Carson’s important book, “The #Intolerance of #Tolerance”. We consider select events and analyze the redefining of “tolerance” and ask: — Tolerance is a key phrase of our time … what does it really mean? — How does the redefinition of tolerance impact the church? — […]

Prophet of Zod Questions Apologists On Popular Arguments for God

Original Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wU9hgyUGds4 Luke Barnes’ Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=58brbYwN0Q0 Trinity Radio Extra (Our 2nd Channel): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoKB… Learn Casually: TrinityRadio.org Learn Formally: TrinitySem.edu Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TrinityRadio Music by Joakim Karud youtube.com/joakimkarud #prophetofzod #atheism #Apologetics source

Frank Turek, Michael Shermer, & Pretending the Most Important Things About Humanity are Real

“The Stepford Wives” imagines a community with real women who have been augmented such that their actions and words are controlled by their husbands. The husbands prefer to carry out a pretend existence. In this video, I cover a portion of a debate between Frank Turek and Michael Shermer during which it becomes clear that […]

Why I'm Not Celebrating Anderson Cooper's Announcement of Becoming a Dad

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Matt Dillahunty Teaches David Wood a Lesson! (MUST SEE!!)

In their recent debate, Matt DIllahunty taught David Wood an important lesson about morality, and how it can be grounded in human selfishness apart from God. Link to full debate: https://youtu.be/u2SjOn8arv8 Help us keep putting out content by supporting our content. Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos on Patreon(thank you!):https://www.patreon.com/whaddoyoumeme Or one […]

Responding to Shannon Q & Paulogia on the Dillahunty/Wood Debate

Recently a widely discussed debate was had between David Wood and Matt Dillahunty. I made a response video to it (linked below). Atheist YouTubers … source

Matt Dillahunty, the Apostate Prophet, and Morality

A popular atheist theory of morality claims that morality consists of the rules and strategies for reaching certain goals, such as human well-being or flourishing. Versions of this position are defended by Sam Harris, Matt Dillahunty (“The Atheist Experience”), and the Apostate Prophet, and it may be used to prop up secular humanism. But can […]

What is the State of the Church in America Today?

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David Wood vs Matt Dillahunty: Debate Review

YouTube’s most prominent Christian apologist and one of its most prominent atheists face off on ethics, but the atheist seems to argue both that everyone is … source

Our Pastor On Worldviews: A Sermon for Skeptics

This is the first part of Bret Nicholson’s series on Worldviews. He discusses the nature of beliefs. This messages contains video clips that are not available online that were used as context for the teaching portions. Full Series: https://onelifechurch.org/messages/?sapurl=Lys5MDZhL2xiL21zLytydHJrM21nP2VtYmVkPXRydWU= My Books: https://www.amazon.com/Braxton-Hunter/e/B00LSWJPPA?ref=sr_ntt_srch_lnk_1&qid=1584117001&sr=8-1 Learn Casually: TrinityRadio.org Learn Formally: TrinitySem.edu Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/TrinityRadio Music: Amoeba Crew https://soundcloud.com/amoebacrew source