Quran vs. Tradition: Oral Preservation

In this video we examine the fact that the Quran speaks of itself as a written book, and places priority on writing as the strongest form of evidence. Muslims who argue for oral transmission over written transmission therefore contradict the Quran. We also examine some early traditions attesting to the forgetfulness of the early Muslims, […]

Muslims: You Have Been Lied To!

Why have so many Islamic authorities chosen to strengthen the faith of Muslims with lies? source

Was the Quran Perfectly Preserved Through Oral Tradition?

In this video we briefly review evidence against a miraculous textual preservation of the Quran before moving on to a discussion of why miraculous oral preservation is not an option either. Modern Muslims must now find another way to handle preservation of their own scriptures, as well as interact with Biblical text criticism more responsibly […]

The Quran, Abraham, Zarathustra and the Furnace

First we address some typical Islamic responses rather quickly and then move on to address a couple of others in great detail. Note that this video assumes some familiarity with the material in general though I do take time to refresh viewers on the general elements of the relevant accounts. Playlist for this series here: […]