Hi Everyone welcome back. This is a response to a video form smile2jenna who made a video called NETFLIX “CUTIES” SEXUALISING 11-YEAR-OLD MUSLIM GIRL. In this video, I show how he as a Muslim can not take the position to respond. He might take that morally as do I, but as a Muslim His ‘prophet’ […]

ISLAMICIZE ME Special Edition (Promo Vid)

What the heck is Islamicize Me? Your answer, in 1 minute and 8 seconds! Subscribe & click for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep putting … source

Islam, Birth Control, & Proper Sanitation | Islamicize Me #17 SPECIAL EDITION

JAMAL GETS AN STD! On Day 17, The Halal Heroes learn more about how to go to the bathroom properly. Then the gang has another much needed doctor’s visit and discover various ailments. Jamal is told he has a seafood allergy … but Jamal would rather not discuss that. Watch and discover the reality of […]

Atheist Challenged to Live as Muslim! | ISLAMICIZE ME SPECIAL EDITION

“The Challenge” is the Prologue to the satirical 30 episode “ISLAMICIZE ME” Special Edition series. Join Giovanni, Jamal, and Dennis as they spend 30 days … source

ISUPK Laughs at Slavery, Dante Fortson Silent!

Abu Khamr answers a #HebrewIsraelite accusation against Christian apologist Vocab Malone: did he mock Antebellum #slavery? The answer is an emphatic NO! This brief and informative video is proof. What’s telling, though, is that the “Hebrew Israelite” known as Captain Tazaryach of the ISUPK DOES openly laugh at certain forms of slavery … and yet […]

EPSTEIN & FREUD Coming to the Boom Boom Room!

Jeffrey #Epstein and Sigmund #Freud are both coming to “#Muhammad’s Boom Boom Room”! Look for these new episodes soon on David Wood’s Youtube channel @Acts17Apologetics. Enjoy this BTS footage of Vocab and David setting up and rehearsing the scripts for these new episodes! Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres, live streams, & new […]