The TRUTH about the New Non-Religious Pharisees

In the Bible, we read about the Religious Pharisees. But what about the non-religious ones? In this video, we talk about both the religious pharisees, and the non-religious ones. Both are popular today. This is what every Christian needs to know about the Non-Religious Pharisees. Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos on […]

How the Pharisees Blew It and We Might Too: The Mark Series pt 23 (7:1-23)

This stuff is in scripture for a reason folks. The issues Jesus had with the Pharisees are the same issues we deal with today. This is how the Pharisees used tradition as a way of missing out on the heart of God and neglecting to obey scripture. There’s some really interesting parallels between the Pharisees […]