"Mashiachians" x Vocab Malone x Raven x Braille x Fros'T

“Mashiachins” featured Vocab Malone and fellow #CHH artists Raven, #Fros’T, and #Braille (on the hook). Smooth Rapture produced, recorded, mixed, mastered the track. The song was recorded around July 26, 2006 for Lo’c Records and was to be featured on Smooth Rapture’s 2007 album. NOTE: This is one of the strangest songs I ever recorded […]


Pastor Jamal Bishara drops by the studio to tell the truth about Christians from the #MiddleEast. Plus: Islamic communities in the US and training Christians to witness to Muslims. Special Guest: Pastor Jamal Bishara of First #Arabic Baptist #Church source

"THE CALL" (live) Vocab Malone x Werdz (Christian hip hop audio)

THE CALL was recorded live by Vocab Malone and WERDZ (Andrew Ortiz) at the Victory Outreach Winter Camp in Glorietta, New Mexico. #VocabMalone #Christian #hiphop ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: https://www.youtube.com/vocabmalone ~ Sub to THE STREET APOLOGIST channel: https://www.youtube.com/StreetApologist Support this content: ~ https://streamlabs.com/vocabmalone ~ https://www.patreon.com/vocab ~ https://cash.me/$StreetApologist ~ https://www.paypal.me/vocabmalone/25 ~ https://www.subscribestar.com/vocabmalone ~ […]

Apologetics in YOUR City [livestream]

Vocab Malone is joined by Alberto of urban_apologetics on IG to talk about #Apologetics in YOUR #City #Context [livestream] with Alberto N. of urban_apologetics on IG source

Audio Journal EP – Vocab Malone (CHH Demo)

A classic AZ #Christianhiphop upload: 2002 AUDIO JOURNAL EP. Enjoy! Record Label: Indie (Independent Release) Track Info: 1. Fist featuring Nathan Smart & 4th Command (produced by Nathan Smart / cuts by DJ Fidel Castro 2. Hey, How Ya’ Doin’? produced by #JohnReuben / cuts by DJ Fidel Castro / BGV’s by Armando Kollabo 3. […]

Cobra Commander on TRUE Justice (+Freestyle)

“Cobra Commander” answers questions about good vs evil and TRUE Justice @ Phoenix Comicon 2015. Plus … CC kicks a brief FREESTYLE! (run time: 1:09) *song snippet is from “Rap Viper” by the one and only Wordburglar from his Welcome To Cobra Island album … https://youtu.be/UdCyXeJf844 (we met at JoeCon 2016 so don’t sue me […]

Vocab Malone CHRISTMAS hip hop show #throwback LIVE AUDIO

MERRY CHRISTMAS! Recently, I finally had time to search the archives. I couldn’t believe I found LIVE audio of a Christmas hip hop outreach we performed for a Phoenix inner city ministry back in 2002! We perform tracks off THE NOTEPAD NOMAD album. BONUS: You’ll enjoy hearing these fun freestyles, as we made sure the […]

What is Smart Faith? Vocab Malone Interviews Shawn White & Marty Clapp [audio]

Vocab Malone talks to Christian apologists Marty Clapp and Shawn White, both who will be at Doctrine for the Block 2020. Shawn White is a working class apologist who is the mastermind behind the #SmartFaith #Apologetics #Conference, Arizona’s high profile annual apologetic conference. Shawn also talks about defending the resurrection at local colleges. NOTE: Register […]