A Movie That Celebrates Underage Abortion!?

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She Survived Abortion

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Why Pro Life? Vocab Malone Interviews Letitia Wong [audio]

Why should we be #prolife? #Christian apologist Vocab Malone interviews guest Letitia Wong, who co-hosts the Pro-Life Fridays radio program in St. Louis. An important show where we go from discuss the #abortion issue. NOTE: THIS ISSUE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT The upcoming Doctrine for the Block Urban Apologetics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. […]

Is Abortion "OK"?

This is an experimental live stream, hopefully the first in a series. There are still some uncertainties if it will work or not. The plan is to broadcast a #prolife talk (in honor of upcoming #SanctityOfLife Sunday) in real-time in front of a live audience. There will most likely be 10 minutes or so of […]

Today in Modern Insanity….

California cops have arrested a man they say forced his pregnant girlfriend to take drugs at gunpoint so she would have a miscarriage. Jagmeet Sandhu, 23, was arrested Wednesday on suspicion of murder, domestic assault and false imprisonment. But this news seemed to raise some interesting questions. Why would a pro-choice court charge the man […]