The Presuppositionalists Panel

#Presuppositional apologists Rick Caldwell, Eli Ayala, MJ Jackson, and Vocab Malone explain why they embrace #presuppositionalism when it comes to apologetic #methodology. source

A Sound Refutation of Presuppositionalism with Dr. Richard Howe

In this in-person interview, I sit down with Dr. Richard Howe to discuss his objections to Presuppositionalism. He makes some very important distinctions that … source

Does Presuppositionalism Make ANY Sense?

In this livestream, I discuss Presuppositionalism with Dr. Josh Rasmussen. Do we need to presuppose God’s existence in order to make sense of knowledge? To vote for Josh in the contest on Twitter: ——————————– GIVING ——————————– Patreon (monthly giving): Become a CC Member on YouTube: One-time Donations: Special thanks to all […]