Muhammad in Isaiah 42? Another Dawah Myth Debunked (8:00pm ET)

The Quran (7:157) claims that Jews and Christians find Muhammad mentioned in the Torah and the Gospel. Muslim apologists have had 14 centuries to find the Bible passages that mention Muhammad, but they haven’t found a single one. The most popular so-called biblical prophecy of Muhammad in recent years has been Isaiah 42. David Wood […]

Old Testament Prophecies about the Resurrection of Jesus

Jesus claimed that the Law, the Prophets, and the Psalms predicted his death and resurrection. Was he right? Are there Old Testament prophecies about Jesus of Nazareth rising from the dead? Dr. Michael Brown discusses the issue. Subscribe to AskDrBrown: #Resurrection #Prophecy #AskDrBrown source

Muhammad in the Bible? (Michael Brown and David Wood)

Dr. Michael Brown (AskDrBrown) and David Wood (Acts17Apologetics) discuss Shabir Ally’s claims about so-called biblical prophecies of Muhammad. Song of Solomon 5:16, Deuteronomy 18:18, and John 14:16 are all examined. Subscribe to AskDrBrown: #Muhammad #MichaelBrown #DavidWood source