Jordan Peterson BREAKS DOWN CRYING discussing Jesus!

Jordan Peterson recently did a podcast discussing Jesus, where he broke down crying discussing the idea that Jesus was the ultimate One who connected the narrative, with the objective world. Here is my reaction. Original video: Support our videos! Patreon (thank you!): One time donations on Paypal (thank you!): Subscribe Star: […]

Jordan Peterson: Two Differences Between Christianity and Islam

Why does clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan Peterson think that Christianity and Islam are quite different, when the two religions share many of the same stories? Dr. Peterson answers by offering two differences between Christianity and Islam: (1) there is no concept of separation between church and state in Islam, and (2) Muhammad was a warlord, […]

Are Atheists More Intelligent?

Does atheism make you more intelligent? Does religion made you dumb? Join us at: To help support this ministry click here: Sources: The Negative Intelligence-Religiosity Relation (Zuckerman et al. 2019): Zuckerman et al. (2013): The Negative Intelligence-Religiosity Relation: Cognitive sophistication does not attenuate the bias blind spot: Myside Bias, […]

Aron Ra Still Doesn't Get Pistis (Faith)

Aron Ra uploaded a very dishonest video where he covered my debate with him, thus forcing me to respond and point out the lies. After having met him in person and finding out he was a friendly and nice guy I was shocked and disappointed by how dishonest he was in his video: My […]

Atheism & The Breakup Rule

In this video I entertain the idea that, what I call “The Breakup Rule” may be one of the reasons why online atheism does well when it includes ridicule, mockery, and emotional appeals to God being immoral (mostly in the Old Testament of the Bible) and atheists believing they have the moral high ground over […]

How Positive Thinking Ruined EVERYTHING (Religion, Politics, Free Speech)

This video is about positive thinking and how it has had a negative impact on society today, and directly has negatively impacted religion, politics, free speech, and Christianity. Support our videos on Patreon (thank you!): Or Paypal (thank you!): Or PayPal: 1st Response Video to Ricki Gervais: 3 Reasons some don’t see […]