Islam, Birth Control, & Proper Sanitation | Islamicize Me #17 SPECIAL EDITION

JAMAL GETS AN STD! On Day 17, The Halal Heroes learn more about how to go to the bathroom properly. Then the gang has another much needed doctor’s visit and discover various ailments. Jamal is told he has a seafood allergy … but Jamal would rather not discuss that. Watch and discover the reality of […]


Ramadan is a month-long feast that, for some strange reason, is called a “fast.” Since Jesus condemned hypocritical fasting, what would he say about Ramadan “fasting”? David Wood discusses the issue. #Jesus #Ramadan #DavidWood source

Live with Jonathan McLatchie

Jonathan McLatchie is a Christian writer, international speaker and debater. He holds a Bachelor’s degree (with Honors) in forensic biology, a Masters (M.Res) degree in evolutionary biology, and a second Master’s degree in medical and molecular bioscience and also holds PhD student in cell biology. Jonathan is a contributor to various apologetics websites, including, […]

That Time I Went to a Mosque #storytime [audio]

In this narrative-driven discussion, Vocab Malone relays a personal account about … WITNESSING TO #MUSLIMS. Listen in to this up close and personal story about Vocab’s trip to a mosque during #Ramadan on Laylat al-Qadr. #storytime NOTE: THIS ISSUE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT the upcoming Doctrine for the Block Urban Apologetics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona […]