Creation, Science, & God's Revelation: A Biblical View (3:36)

Is the Bible compatible with #science? Is the war between #religion and science REAL? Or does science point toward the trustworthiness of the #Bible? Creation, Science, & God’s Revelation: A Biblical View (3:36) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: Support this content: ~ ~ […]

"Darwin's Corrosive Idea" John West at Dallas Science Faith Conference 2020

Many of us are locked up in our homes – solid intellectual and scientific content is just the thing to provide an alternative to what we see in the news at the … source

Curing Atheists of Cliche Sloganism (A.R.C.S. Awareness Month)

A hilarious comedy skit written by Jon McCray about a street debate between #atheists and Christians on science and religion! Featuring #DavidWood, Anthony Rogers, Vocab Malone, and #WhaddoYouMeme? (part 1 here: Subscribe & click the bell 🛎 for notifications of new uploads! For access to exclusive content and personal hangouts, support our videos on […]