Prayer, Spirits, & Ghosts? A Biblical View (3:13)

Hollywood and Halloween love ghosts and spirits, but what is the truth about these shadowy beings? And is there a Great Spirit who listens when we pray? The truth can change you, in this life and the next! Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep putting this content out […]

Demons Tremble at the Name of Jesus

Demons reveal themselves at the Name of Jesus when we are walking by faith. My experience with a lady who believes in Jesus yet is very tormented by Satan’s minions. 🔹 Prophecy News Updates 🔹 Particularly Important Messages 🔹 Abraham Accords, Peace Deals and the Temple 🔹Gog Magog Antichrist Army 🔹 […]

Trump & Pope Francis The Antichrist Beast NEW WORLD ORDER Agenda?

Is US President Donald Trump the #Antichrist? Is Pope Francis the #FalseProphet ? Are they both working towards the New World Order? WHAT DOES THE BIBLE ACTUALLY SAY ABOUT THE BEAST AND THE FALSE PROPHET? #Revelation13 **Please PRAY for me, LIKE & SHARE this video & support me by SUBSCRIBING to my channel ** MY […]

#Antichrist – What You Need To Know! THIS IS CRUCIAL!

‘Antichrist will be all things to all people’ This is a common phrase that many people say when describing the Antichrist. What does the Bible say? Abraham Accord Antichrist and Mystery Babylon Jewish Messiah Antichrist Particularly Important Messages Rapture & Tribulation Learn about Islamic Caliphate, Dhimmi Status & Jizya by […]

The Image of the #ANTICHRIST REVEALED! Is it Islamic or Jewish?

The Image or Statue of Nebuchadnezzar that Daniel identified, was it Islamic or Jewish? #Antichrist #Prophecy Latest Videos on the Antichrist and Mystery Babylon Learn about Islamic Caliphate, Dhimmi Status & Jizya by Lloyd De Jongh **Please PRAY for me, LIKE & SHARE this video & support me by SUBSCRIBING to my channel […]

Dr. Brown Reveals the Truth About Who Really Controls Hollywood

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Islam and Dogs THE TRUTH

Hi Everyone hope your week is going well I have been meaning to make a video on this for a while. I wanted to share some experiences with you. And also show some evidence of why Muslims hate dogs. 1400 years of fear for dogs have been passed down. I want to show you who […]

Resist the Devil

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