Seminary Professors Examine the Good, Bad & Ridiculous of Atheist Song Lyrics

Music helps to form culture. These atheist tracks cover a variety of issues and suggest reasons to distrust God or disbelieve completely. We’ll analyze them and … source

Is It Possible For a Person's Name To Be Erased From The Book Of Life?

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Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ— Dr Thomas Kindell (audio fixed)

Dr Thomas Kindell presents compelling evidence for the resurrection of Jesus Christ leaving no room for doubt and no logical excuse for those who deny the Son of God. You can support my work at PATREON: I could sure use your help! Demonstrated is the extraordinary amount of historicity and the logical conclusion that […]

Why the Lord Jesus Says You Must Be Born Again! Pt. 2 Here, also, are the links to my patreon pages: source

What is the State of the Church in America Today?

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God's Plan in the Midst of the Storm

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Overcoming the Spirit of Fear

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