The Really Bad Behavior of the Sicarii Hebrew Israelites

Some of Sicarii’s Really Bad #Behavior … The Really Bad Behavior of the #Sicarii #HebrewIsraelites ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to THE STREET APOLOGIST channel: Support this content: ~ ~ ~$StreetApologist ~ ~ ~ ~ SHIRTS: ~ BOOK: “Barack Obama vs The […]

Sam Shamoun DROPS Sicarii GUERILLA HEBREW Israelite

Ahlazar BanLawya, leader of the Sicarii #HebrewIsraelite sect, called #SamShamoun to discuss the virgin birth and conception. GH didn’t honestly identify himself and used cunning speech to manipulate Sam. GH was confronted on this deception and was exposed as a false teacher. Note: GH said “all that’s ridiculous” about cursing Sam’s family, yet #Sicarii SGT […]

"LYING IS NOT SIN" says Hebrew Israelite (Sicarii)

Guerrilla Hebrew of Sicarii Argues Lying Isn’t a Sin! Ahlazar Ban Lawya aka Grla Hebrew of the 1West #HebrewIsraelite sect #Sicarii argues adamantly against the idea that #lying is a sin. PLUS, AT THE END OF THE CLIP, HE ALSO CLAIMS TO NOT SIN! Video made by Dreday4Christ. Subscribe to Dreday4Christ here: Subscribe & […]

Paul Lacks Apostolic Authority? "Hebrew Israelite" Thinks So

Christian Apologist #VocabMalone sits down with a #BlackHebrewIsraelite member from the #Sicarii camp – Part 2 Watch Part 1: Paul vs Jesus??? “Hebrew Israelite” Accuses Full interview: Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres and live streams! Help keep putting this content out by giving support @ SUPER CHAT on LIVE STREAMS! […]