Pried and Prejudiced

Today I want to share with you a talk I did about a year ago at a local women’s retreat. It covers portions of my story as well as some spiritual growth lessons that … source

So I Met Someone…Part 3

In this video, I address some questions regarding the place of Nabeel’s legacy during this transition into dating and engagement. Stick around as my fiancé, … source

So I Met Someone…Part 2

In this video, I go into more detail about dating my now-fiancé, Greg, and I follow up with the story of his proposal Support and Connect! source

So I Met Someone…Part 1

So, I met someone…😊 Support and Connect! Thumbnail picture courtesy of Taylor Hayden Recording Equipment Used: Audio Recorder – Video Recorder – Tripod – Studio Lighting – Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – No God But One – Answering Jihad – source

How to Deal with Anxiety and Fear

Two and a half years ago, at age 31, I was a widowed single mother with a very uncertain future. There is every expectation that I would be crippled with anxiety and fear! And yes, at times I have been. But two things keep me coming back to a place of perfect peace: 1) remembering […]

Learning to Trust and Obey

“But what are YOU doing??” Ayah often peppers me with this question as she completely forgets the task at hand. But even as I become frustrated with her, I begin to see myself in her actions. Isn’t that the same way I sometimes behave toward God, neglecting His instructions while insisting on knowing the bigger […]

Countering Separation Anxiety with Truth

It’s precious that my preschooler really likes being with me ALL THE TIME (more seasoned parents of teens caution me to enjoy it while it lasts!) But when that desire becomes a cause of distress during my absence, it’s essential to address the root issue. This video shows an exercise that helped counter Ayah’s fear […]

Wrestling with Work-Life Balance

It’s exciting to watch this ministry expand, especially since joining Instagram. As I wrestle with both the desire to provide content and the desire to balance personal life, I realize that it comes down to this: when I focus on loving God and seeking Him first, I can trust that He will provide exactly what […]

How Ayah's Compassion Brought Me Hope

A recent period of unexplained anxiety had me so weighed down that the only thing I could do was say “Jesus, help”. God provided me with a message of hope during that time, using my four-year-old daughter to remind me that I am seen and cared for exactly where I am. Support and Connect! […]

Why Isn't This Working??

A period of frustration had me steeped in stress and projecting pain. A subsequent period with God brought back clarity and calm. Come see how a restoration of trust can help us handle unmet expectations. Support and Connect! My new standing workstation (I finished the assembly and I LOVE it!) My ESV […]

God's Innumerable Thoughts Toward Us

Last week was rough, battling both a stomach virus and feelings of inadequacy. Then I came across what I consider to be a little love letter from the One I admire most… Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking Allah Finding Jesus – No God But One – Answering Jihad – […]

God Can Use Every Story

Growing up in a conservative Christian, homeschooled, and relatively sheltered household, I sometimes questioned the worth of my salvation testimony. My conversion didn’t seem radical enough! I’ve since realized that every story is invaluable — not because of who we were, but because of who God is. Support and Connect! Nabeel’s Books: Seeking […]