Faith, Doubt, & Trust: A Biblical View (3:21)

What is Faith? Does faith mean NEVER having ANY doubts, or can #faith and #doubts live at peace? What does the #Bible say about faith? Faith, Doubt, & Trust: A Biblical View (3:21) ~ Sub & Hit 🔔 for Notifications: ~ Sub to our backup channel ASAP: ~ Support livestreams w StreamLabs Tip […]

Cosmic Skeptic Vs Smokey | Is Veganism Morally Obligatory? | DEBATE

LINKS TO GUESTS: Cosmic Skeptic: And now on TikTok: @askavegan Smokey Saint: AFTER-SHOWS: Smokey’s: Cider & Port’s: ________________________________________________________________ OUR CHANNEL & HOW TO SUPPORT IT My name is James Kunz and I’m a PhD student in psychology in Colorado, US. In my own academic journey, many academics (though not all) have […]

Does Science Lead to Krishna? | TJump & Jim Majors Vs Sidharth & Noah

Links to speakers: Sidharth: Noah: Jim Majors: TJump: ______________________________________________________________________________________ Link to our KICKSTARTER for the Michael Shermer vs IP debate: ___________________________________________________________________ Our (MDD) story: My name is James Kunz and I’m a doctoral student in psychology in Colorado, US. In my own academic journey, many academics (though to be fair, […]

10-Year-Old Caller: How Was God Created?

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Matt Dillahunty, the Apostate Prophet, and Morality

A popular atheist theory of morality claims that morality consists of the rules and strategies for reaching certain goals, such as human well-being or flourishing. Versions of this position are defended by Sam Harris, Matt Dillahunty (“The Atheist Experience”), and the Apostate Prophet, and it may be used to prop up secular humanism. But can […]

Did Dennis Prager get the Ten Commandments wrong? – answering the Cosmic Skeptic

A look at a recent Cosmic Skeptic attack on a Dennis Prager video reference the Ten Commandments as a moral code source

I Don't Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist! (Frank Turek, CrossExamined)

In “I Don’t Have Enough Faith to Be an Atheist,” Dr. Frank Turek (CrossExamined) discusses arguments for the existence of God (including the Cosmological Argument, the Teleological Argument, and the Moral Argument), the possibility of miracles, the reliability of the New Testament, and other topics in Christian apologetics. Visit Frank’s website: Subscribe to Frank’s […]

Why ATHEISTS & SKEPTICS May Sound Convincing (but shouldn't)

A lot of online atheists and skeptics are often wrong, and are wrong a lot. However, there are reasons why some people still may find their arguments persuasive, even though you shouldn’t. This video, which I plan to be the first of many on this topic, helps you sort through the fog and have more […]

Arguments for God (2): Responding to Genetically Modified Skeptic | Ontological Argument

Genetically Modified Skeptic recently came out with a video called “The Arguments for God’s Existence Tier List” in which he goes through the popular arguments for God’s existence as an atheist. This video we will critiquing his criticism of the Ontological Argument by Anslem. This is the second video in the series. Original video: […]

Answering Muslims: Numbers 31:18 and Islamic Paradise

In this video we look at Numbers 31 and realize that what Muslims criticize is not in the Hebrew Bible- it’s actually in the Islamic scriptures. Patreon: source

Would God Allow Kids To Get Cancer? (Response to Cosmic Skeptic 2/2)

In this video I respond to Alex O’connor’s (Comsic Skeptic on YouTube) video called, “Would God allow kids to get cancer? Maybe…” Cosmic Skeptic’s video description reads: “The problem of evil is one of the most famous and powerful arguments against God’s existence, but it less famously comes in multiple forms.In this video, Jon McCray, […]

Cosmic Skeptic, God, Kid's w/ Cancer (Part 1/2 Response)

WATCH THE FULL RESPONSE HERE!!: Yesterday, Cosmic Skeptic responded to my video called, “Why would God allow Kid’s to get Cancer”. In this video, I respond to his response of my response…to Hemet Meta, who goes by “The Friendly Atheist”. Lot’s of responses goin around… Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos […]