Trump Israel Sudan HISTORIC PEACE DEAL & East Mediterranean Conflict

🔹 Prophecy News Updates 🔹 Particularly Important Messages 🔹 Abraham Accords, Peace Deals and the Temple 🔹Gog Magog Antichrist Army 🔹 Mark Of The Beast Buy or Sell? Currency of the Beast 🔹 Shriners Baphomet and Islam 🔹 Baal Worship in Mecca 🔹 Mystery Babylon Revealed 🔹 […]

Ministry to Muslims x George Saieg (Syrian Christian) [audio]

Special guest is George Saieg (The Center for Religious Debate), who grew up in Sudan and attended madrassa. At Islamic school, he got beat up for not memorizing the Qur’an. These days, he debates Muslim apologists and witnesses to #Muslims outside the mosque. Oh, and he sued the City of Dearborn for arresting #DavidWood and […]

Global Persecution of Christians: Disturbing Trends

Open Doors has released its 2020 World Watchlist, discussing the fifty countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus. Countries are ranked based on the severity of Christian persecution. Here’s the link to the report: To read the report, visit Open Doors: PATREON: PAYPAL: MINDS: BITCHUTE: WEBSITE: #Christians #Persecution […]