Cosmic Skeptic Challenges the Idea of Free Will in Heaven

We respond to the claim that free will cannot exist in heaven without evil. Original video: Patreon: Learn Formally: Learn Casually: Music by: David Cutter Music – source

Why do Bad Things Happen to Good People?

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God and Coronavirus: David Wood & Adam Coleman LIVE (8:00pm ET)

David Wood (Acts 17 Apologetics) and Adam Coleman (Tru-ID Apologetics), aka the Flu-Tang Clan, will be LIVE at 8:00pm (ET) addressing the topic “God and … source

Discover Unexpected Joy

“What was the happiest season of your life?” a friend asked me this past weekend. Amazingly enough, the answer that came to mind occurred during my late husband’s year-long cancer journey. The weekly prayer group that met at our home during that timeframe consisted of a faith-driven people who were not defined by the circumstance. […]

Why Would God Create People if He Knew they Would Sin and Suffer?

Didn’t God know that mankind would sin? Didn’t he know that so much suffering would result? Why would he create if he knew these things? source

Where Material Possessions Fall Short

Many of us in the U.S. have so much that we become trapped by a false sense of self-sufficiency. In this video, I share about some of my heroes in the faith: people who turned to Jesus in situations of desperate need and found in Him more strength and satisfaction than they ever had with […]

Would God Allow Kids To Get Cancer? (Response to Cosmic Skeptic 2/2)

In this video I respond to Alex O’connor’s (Comsic Skeptic on YouTube) video called, “Would God allow kids to get cancer? Maybe…” Cosmic Skeptic’s video description reads: “The problem of evil is one of the most famous and powerful arguments against God’s existence, but it less famously comes in multiple forms.In this video, Jon McCray, […]

Cosmic Skeptic, God, Kid's w/ Cancer (Part 1/2 Response)

WATCH THE FULL RESPONSE HERE!!: Yesterday, Cosmic Skeptic responded to my video called, “Why would God allow Kid’s to get Cancer”. In this video, I respond to his response of my response…to Hemet Meta, who goes by “The Friendly Atheist”. Lot’s of responses goin around… Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos […]