Who Was Harold Camping & Why Does TEOTW Ministries Imitate Him? [audio]

Remember #HaroldCamping? This archived show was recorded BEFORE Camping’s “end of the world” prediction about May 21, 2011. This throwback program with Special Guest TurretinFan discusses what to do THE DAY AFTER A FAILED #PROPHECY (May 22nd, 2011). After you hear this, you will understand why “TEOTW Ministries” is now considered “The Harold Camping of […]

ISUPK Laughs at Slavery, Dante Fortson Silent!

Abu Khamr answers a #HebrewIsraelite accusation against Christian apologist Vocab Malone: did he mock Antebellum #slavery? The answer is an emphatic NO! This brief and informative video is proof. What’s telling, though, is that the “Hebrew Israelite” known as Captain Tazaryach of the ISUPK DOES openly laugh at certain forms of slavery … and yet […]