YouTube Age-Restricts the Gospel of Jesus Christ

The YouTube Trust and Safety Team is now age-restricting videos explaining basic Christian theology. According to their interpretation of the Community Guidelines, anyone under eighteen years old should not be exposed to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Watch “How Can God Die?”: PATREON: CHANNEL MEMBERSHIPS: PARLER: SUBSCRIBESTAR: STORE: PAYPAL: […]

Put the Cross Before the Flag

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World's 1st Holy Hip Hopera! "THE ONE" Musical

An all-star studded cast features in “THE ONE” Musical, the World’s Very First Holy Hip Hopera! THE STORY: Visualize the world still waiting for the Messiah; a world and culture in the year 2042 that has yet to experience the influence of the Good News. The world has evolved into a culture where everyone that […]

Do You Deserve to Go to Heaven?

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How To Get Saved

There is a big step between knowing Jesus rose from the dead and actually being saved by Jesus. This video is meant for those who want to understand, … source

Was Melchizedek Jesus Christ? Pt. 2 Here, also, are the links to my patreon pages: Scriptures: Heb 5:5-9, Psa 2:7, Psa 110:1-4, Heb 4:14-16, Heb 7:1-3, 13-15, 23-28, Mar 12:36, Acts 2:34-35, 2 Sam 8:18, Heb 8:1, 5, Heb 10:1, Heb 2:1-4, Heb 10:26-30, Rom 6:10 Heb 9:11-12, Eph 3:12, Rev 7:14-16 source

Street Evangelists on Street Evangelism

Street Evangelists on #StreetEvangelism #StreetWitnessing #sharethegospel NOTE: THIS ISSUE WILL BE DISCUSSED AT the upcoming Doctrine for the Block Urban Apologetics Conference in Phoenix, Arizona on Feb. 7-9, 2020* – register here: and please mark you are attending at the event’s Facebook page. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres, live streams, & […]

The Gospel in About a Minute with Greg Koukl

The Gospel can be presented in a variety of ways. Here’s how Christian apologist Greg Koukl puts it. Gregory Koukl is a Christian apologist, radio talk show host, author, speaker, and the founder of the Christian apologetics organization Stand To Reason. To learn more about Greg: Check out all of our ‘Gospel in About […]