The New York Times Is Now the Puppet of Twitter Mobs (Bari Weiss Explains)

Op-Ed writer and editor Bari Weiss quit her job at The New York Times in epic fashion, writing a letter of resignation that exposes the bias and insanity in modern journalism. According to Weiss, Twitter mobs are now the real editors of the NYT. Let’s go through a few passages of her letter. Read Bari […]

New York Times Blames Christians for U.S. Coronavirus Outbreak

The New York Times recently blasted Evangelical Christians in an article titled: “The Road to Coronavirus Hell Was Paved by Evangelicals.” The article was quickly retitled: “The Religious Right’s Hostility to Science Is Crippling Our Coronavirus Response.” The author, Katherine Stewart, insists that science-denying Evangelical Christians have convinced President Donald Trump and other leaders to […]