Muslims Are Converting to Christianity After Jesus Appears to Them in Dreams and Visions

For years, Christian academics and missionaries have been aware of a common phenomenon. Muslims receive visions and dreams in of Jesus pointing them to missionaries. It’s so widespread that Christian missionaries have bought ad space urging those who have seen the “man in the white robe,” to contact them. Is this powerful evidence for the […]

What Do Physicians and the General Population Believe About Miracles?

In this episode Johnathan sings, and we discuss the demographics as they relate to miracles. Previous Miracles Video: source

A Christian Responds to an Atheist About the Resurrection

Atheist YouTuber Paulogia has presented an alternative hypothesis to the resurrection. In this video Braxton provides responses. Original Video: Lydia McGrew’s Article: Learn Casually: Learn Formally: Patreon: Music by: Amoeba Crew source