Is Muhammad the Father of All Muslims? Another Quran Variant

Surah 33, verse 6 of the Quran calls Muhammad’s wives the “mothers of believers.” Interestingly, the verse originally included the words “and he (i.e. Muhammad) is their father.” The words “and he is their father,” however, are not in the Quran today. What happened to Muhammad’s spiritual fatherhood? David Wood discusses the issue. PATREON: […]

200+ Quran Verses Missing from a Single Chapter!

Surah 33 of today’s Quran contains 73 verses. However, according to Muhammad’s wife Aisha, Surah 33 was originally recited with 200 verses. Even worse … source

Has the Quran Changed over Time? (Islam Critiqued)

Has the Quran changed over time? Has the Quran been perfectly preserved? Muslims around the world have been assured by their imams and apologists that there is only one Quran, perfectly preserved from the time it was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. In reality, the Quran has been repeatedly changed, and Muslim leaders have burned […]