Braxton Hunter Interview

Interview with Braxton Hunter of Trinity Radio at the [un]Apologetic Evangelism Conference. More on Braxton Hunter: Youtube Channel- Bible College- Website- Fictional Books- Facebook: Website: source

[Un] Apologetic Evangelism Conference Duncanville Tx

Join us for our next Apologetic Evangelism Conference with great speakers such as Frank Turek of Cross Examined and Greg Koukl of Stand to Reason! March 27th-28th at Duncanville’s First Baptist Church Register Here: source

Q&A Panel Discussion J Warner Wallace, Nancy Pearcey, Jerry Johnston, Eric Hernandez

[un] Apologetic Evangelism Conference 8/24/2019 Q&A Panel Discussion featuring J. Warner Wallace, Nancy Pearcey, Jerry Johnston, and Eric Hernandez. To register for our next conference visit: Facebook: Website: source