Progressive "Christians" and New Agers Be Like…

What do you get when a Progressive Christian, a New Ager and a Biblical Christian happen to bump into each other at a coffee shop? Why… another very okay-ish satire video of course! Meet Tammi the Progressive, Yolanda the New Ager, and Emma the Christian. I broke budget for this filming!!…. approximately $11! Mediocre satire […]

Limited Atonement, Universalism and why I disagree with both.

Does 2 Corinthians 5:14-15 teach Limited Atonement? Does it teach Universalism? Does 1 John 2:2 present a challenge to Limited Atonement? Disclaimer – This is not a comprehensive discussion of these topics but I have gathered some questions I have been sent about a few specific passages of scripture dealing with limited atonement (the L […]