Hebrew Israelites Can't Use This Verse Ever Again (w/Dr. Michael Brown)

There’s an Old Testament verse many “Hebrew Israelites” misuse to “prove” the ancient tribe of Judah was black, according to their view. Now, thanks to Hebrew and OT Scholar Dr. #MichaelBrown, the so-called #HebrewIsraelites can never use this verse ever again! (Watch to find out what the verse is and why they can never use […]

Black Hebrew Israelite EXTREMISM w Michael Brown & Vocab Malone

Dr. Michael L. Brown speaks with Vocab Malone and asks, “Who Are the #BlackHebrewIsraelites?” and what about the #extremists in the #HebrewIsraelite movement. Subscribe & click 🛎 for notifications of premieres, live streams, & new uploads. Help put out this content by giving support with SUPER CHATS in LIVE STREAMS or here: — https://www.patreon.com/vocab — […]

When a Black Hebrew Israelite Doesn't Know Hebrew

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