Q&A with Indonesian supermodel Tracy Trinita

I apologize for the audio quality of this recording. It was taken from a Facebook live-stream done from my iPhone. Due to how FB live-stream works the video must be vertical. This is the Q&A section after a talk done by Wes at the 2020 Relevant Series that took place at the University of Toronto. […]

Secularism dialogue (full video)

A the end of January 2020 I participated in an event titled “Should we leave the Abraham religions behind and move on?” It was a discussion on faith and practice in a secular age between Rabbi Ben Shefter, Sheikh Hosam Helal, and me. Here are all three opening statements. 0:00 – Wesley Huff’s opening statement […]

What is the Doctrine of the Trinity?

What we call “the Trinity” has been one of the defining aspects of Christianity – often the point that divides orthodoxy from heterodoxy. But what do we mean when we use the word, the term, the idea? Where does the concept come from in Scripture and how does it change the way we understand God […]