Frank Turek with Eric Hernandez Full Interview

We are excited to have Frank at our next Conference in Duncanville Texas, March 27th-28th. Here is my full interview with Frank from our conference last year. To register for our next conference, click here: source

Discussing Aron Ra and Faith, TJump and more

Haven’t had time to make a video on my discussion with Aron Ra, but I was able to do an interview for “Help Me Believe” on their channel where we discuss this. Talking about my discussion with Aron Ra around @14:00 Help Me Believe Channel: Facebook: Website: source

Do Atheists Have Faith? & How to Interpret the Bible with Frank Turek

Do atheists have faith? How do we interpret the bible? Interview with Dr. Frank Turek Next [Un]Apologetic Evangelism Conference: Facebook: Website: source

Aron Ra Yells at Eric Hernandez and Loses it!

Atheist Aron Ra yells at me after asking him a simple question. Btw, Aron Ra is a man of GREAT faith. Link to debate: Link to Michael Jones of Inspiring Philosophy: Facebook: Website: source

All Kinndddzzz of WRONG!! (Response to Genetically Modified Skeptic) Part 3

This video is the final part, part 3, of a response to Drew of Genetically Modified Skeptic’s video criticizing Frank Turek of Cross Examined, and Christian Apologetics. In this video, we will be primarily be discussing his accusations about Faith, and the God of the Gaps fallacy. This video, is my response in which I […]

Why We Can't Agree on What Faith Is and What We Can Learn From It.

Based on results from a recent poll on the definition of faith we can see that Christians and non-Christians seem to have opposing views of the word “faith”. Here’s what I think has caused this divide and what I think we can learn from it. Here’s the original poll on Twitter Here are the […]