Black Christian's SHOCKING Run-In w Hebrew Israelites

A “rewind” video with #JonMcCray of #WhaddoYouMeme narrating the shocking truth about his first street encounter with the #blackhebrewisraelites. RUN TIME: 10:16. Video crafted by HIDDEN APOLOGETICS. SUPPORT on Patreon or SubscribeStar: BUY SOME SHIRTS: BUY THE BOOK: “Barack Obama vs The Black Hebrew Israelites: Introduction to the History & Beliefs of […]

Discussing My Wife's Health Issues

My wife (Mrs. Meme) has recently been diagnosed with a health condition. In this video, we talk about it, and how we are doing in light of it. Help us keep putting out content by supporting our content. Join the MEME DREAM TEAM & Support our videos on Patreon(thank you!): Or one time donations on […]

LIVE: Inspiring Philosophy, Mike Winger, 1 Minute Apologist, Whaddo You Meme?? Q&A

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Why RICHARD DAWKINS' "homerun" doesn't make sense

Joe Rogan recently featured atheist activist and biologist Richard Dawkins on his video podcast. In the episode, they talked about God, Jesus, Christianity, and atheism, and how all religious people are atheists. As a Christian who has rational reasons for belief, I beg to differ. Here is a Christian response and reaction to the episode, […]

When DEBUNKING Goes WRONG! (response to Rationality Rules Part 1)

Rationality Rules recently made a response video to Reasonable Faith’s video of Dr. William Lane Craig giving a talk on the Kalam Cosmological Argument. Rationality Rules objects to the first premise of the Kalam, called the causal premise. Here, Stephen Woodford of Rationality Rules misunderstands William Lane Craig severely, which leads him to make a […]

Kanye West TESTIMONY at Sunday Church Service (REACTION)

Kanye West has been said to recently convert to Christianity by giving his born again testimony at his Sunday Church service. Kanye has always identified to some degree with Christianity, but his views have left many confused. Many now are asking, is this conversion for real? Whether or not it is, I think there are […]