The Business of Self-Esteem Preaching in the American MegaChurch and the Half-Gospel it Creates

This is a short clip discussing one of the many issues I go over in the MegaChurch model. When a church is modeled more like a business to attract people rather than build up the saints and discipleship, then that’s a major issue. Are theatrical displays from the pulpit wrong? Not in and of themselves. Lots of people have passion and great speaking gifts. But if this is used to entice you emotionally instead of biblically, and scripture is taken out of context to do it? And they’re just trying to appeal to experience or emotion while watering down the Gospel? Then yeah… that’s worth making a short clip out of.

(And just a disclaimer- no I don’t hate or bash on Steven Furtick. He’s a person with feelings and a family and deserves our prayers and respect as a person. But since he *is* a megachurch pastor and displays many of the points I make in this clip, I do use him as an example to display a visual of that point. Any comments calling him unnecessary names will be removed.)

The longer version of this video can be found here:

What Is the Gospel?:

Definitely worth watching American Gospel:

This is the full Steven Furtick sermon that I got the clips from:

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