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The Ravi Zacharias scandal and the truth of Christianity | 🎙 Podcast

The report is out, and it is devastating. Many of the facts have come from the victims themselves and have been verified by looking at Ravi’s own smart phones, which included text messages, emails and pictures. For several years Ravi Zacharias had been living a double life; on one hand as a respected Christian apologist, evangelist and ministry leader; on the other as a serial sexual predator—a man who used his reputation to groom women, many of them massage therapists, to engage in immoral behavior against their will.

Frank comments on Ravi’s unconscionable behavior and addresses several questions including:

• Why did no one notice this earlier?
• Why didn’t the Holy Spirit prevent this and other high-profile falls?
• Does this disprove Christianity?
• What can we do to prevent this from happening again?

Frank also cites 10 ways that such evil behavior is actually a reminder to us that the Christian worldview is true and opposing worldviews are not.

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