The worst of the creatures || Terrible english || Speakers Corner

18 July 2021 Speakers Corner, London Contact us via Skype: DCCI Ministries or email Follow us on Twitter: Follow us on our blog: Follow us on Rumble If you would like to invite us to speak in your church or university, with training and debating help kindly email To support […]

Is Atheism Unreasonable? Mark Reid Vs NephilimFree | Debate Podcast

LINKS TO GUESTS: Mark Reid – No link at this time NephilimFree: Rules for chat: -Chats disrespectful toward speakers will receive a warning. *Attack the ideas instead of the person, and you’ll be fine. -Chatters continuing the disrespect after a warning will be banned -Chatters using hate speech of any kind are always banned […]

20 Questions Episode 41 (part 1) see description for part two.

The rest of today’s stream can be found here. Sorry, I had internet issues. Question Time Stamps for Quick Reference: 0:00 – Introduction 1. 0:40 {Is Biblical Numerology Really Biblical?} What are your thoughts about “biblical numerology”? Are certain numbers in Scripture intended by God to carry hidden theological significance for us to find, […]

Why Beauty is One of the BEST Arguments for God (in-person interview)

The argument from beauty doesn’t get enough love from apologists. In this live, in-person interview, Dr. Phil Tallon joins me to discuss why he thinks the argument from beauty is one of the best arguments for God. ——————————– GIVING ——————————– Patreon (monthly giving): Become a CC Member on YouTube: One-time Donations: Special […]


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I Hear The Holy Spirit, So Why Do I Need The Bible?

If someone says this you can know for sure that they are not hearing from the Holy Spirit. This is just one question from a long interview I did for the moderators of the r/Bible subreddit. They asked their subreddit to send me a bunch of questions and I spent a lot of time preparing […]

Eid Adha – The Great Sacrifice

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“Muhammad Cartoon” Artist Kurt Westergaard Dead at 86

Kurt Westergaard, famous for his “Muhammad Cartoon” for the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten, is now dead at 86. For the New York Times article quoted in this video (“Kurt Westergaard, 86, Dies; His Muhammad Cartoon Sparked Outrage”), click here: #KurtWestergaard #FreeSpeech #MuhammadCartoons source

My First CD Album Unearthed [2001]

Vocab & Friends Present: The PRISM CRU ALL STARS [2001]. This upload is the first full length CD I released. If you recall, my previous releases up to this point were still on cassette tape! I think there were only about 250 of these ever published. Even though these songs “began life” in Columbus, Ohio, […]

Did Jesus taste DEATH and hell for us?

This program looks at Jesus’s crucifixion and asked the question as to what Jesus’s experience of divine punishment tells us about the very nature of divine punishment. source