What is the Gospel?

I can hardly believe that my channel is going to be at 100,000 subs.

I just want you guys to know that this whole channel really isn’t about me at all but doing what God has gifted me to do and that’s to proclaim Him and the Gospel. It’s not easy, but I kind of look at this ministry like it’s something that I’m stewarding and it needs to be all for God’s glory and in His will. So I am in essence a servant, to serve not just Jesus but also to the Church, His people. And something that I’ve really been wanting to do lately is something that might seem a little weird to some people. Maybe it’s because they assume that people would know this, but I actually want to make a video about the Gospel. It was Paul Washer in the American Gospel documentary that was saying that he can’t just assume that the audience he’s talking to actually knows the Gospel so that’s what he chooses to preach on most of the time. And I also got done reading Michael Wilder’s book, “Passport to Heaven”, and it was deeply saturated with love for the Gospel and the search for truth and it really resonated with me. So I thought it would be appropriate for where my channel is at right now to make a video on this. Everything I do is surrounded by the Gospel, the identity of Jesus, and fighting for truth. I want everything I do in ministry to revolve around this: loving God and loving people. Praise God for letting me use my God-given gifts, whether it’s art, satire, relaying theology or apologetics for Him. I’m a mixed bag. Growing up, I always thought I didn’t fit in, but now I embrace the weird things about me. I am repeatedly in awe at how God uses us. Praise the Lord!

Definitely worth watching American Gospel (and the second one!): http://www.americangospelfilm.com/

Link to Micah Wilder’s book, Passport to Heaven:

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Melissa Dougherty I'm a Christian artist who loves apologetics and Jesus! A lot of my videos are aimed at the newer Christian helping them understand tough questions about Christianity in a simple, loving and fun way, while not compromising Scripture. I'm an ex new ager, and have been in a counter cult ministry to Mormons and Jehovah's witnesses, so many of my videos will appeal to my background in it. I just started actually using my YouTube channel in the fall of 2018. So far so good! Thank you to everyone who supports anything I do on here. My channel is a mix of both apologetics and one of my passions: painting. You'll see some art here, some Jesus there... It's who I am.

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