Worshipping Aliens, Goddess Worship, Sexual Cults, & Satanism

Worshipping aliens, goddess worship, sexual cults, and satanism are all covered in this episode of Trinity Radio, as we discover some shocking similarities among false religions, and scripture-twisters.

Music by: David Cutter Music – www.davidcuttermusic.co.uk


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About The Author

Trinity Radio In the cultural climate of the 21st century unbelievers need to hear the gospel message as much as ever before. However, unlike the world of the mid 20th century, atheists, agnostics, and proponents of false forms of the faith are becoming more evangelistic for their causes. Students, workers and even ministers are being challenged to accept that modern science, philosophy and mere human desire dictate that they should live a life devoid of Christian sacrifice. This channel exists to promote Evangelistic Apologetics - to provide answers for skeptics, and resources for believers toward repentance and faith.

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